Things have continued to dog us here. I’ve had severe tooth pain since Saturday and haven’t had a decent night’s sleep since then. Monday I went to the dentist and he checked my tooth and took an x-ray and didn’t find anything wrong. I went back to work and the pain got worse until by Tuesday morning I was about ready to stand in front of the next freight train that passed by.

I got up in the morning and made myself some coffee with just a small,dim light on over the cooktop. When I poured the coffee and cream in, I thought the strainer had broken and the coffee grounds had floated to the top. I turned the bigger light on to get a better look and realized that my coffee mug was full of ants, and the countertop, sink, cooktop and cutting board was covered with them! :O( Great material for a Stephen King novel. (groan)

I went to the dentist again that morning after addressing the ants and he found a cracked filling and some decay in an upper tooth. (I had thought that the pain was in a lower one- d’uh) He filled the tooth, and for the first time in days I was free of pain. It was like the sun had come out again. Unfortunately by 2pm during a meeting the Novocain wore off and I had more pain than ever. I drove back to the dentist by 3, climbed into the chair yet again and ended up having a root canal. :O( They’re over-rated. I don’t know how you feel about spiritual battles, but we’re facing one. Today I was recovering from having the dentist run rough-shod through my mouth, but the big pain is gone and I’m hoping for a real night’s sleep tonight.