Some of you asked if we would email when and if we got the nod from MDS. Well, we got it, and they’d like us to come ASAP, so we are leaving on Monday. Since there is little in the way of housing available they have asked us to come with our RV. Sleeping on the floor in the church works well for short-term volunteers (a few days or a week), but longer term people need their own space and a softer bed. Burnout is a big risk.

We will stop in Akron, PA at the MDS office on Tuesday and meet with someone to get briefed in as much detail as is available. (that often isn’t much in these things) We’ve arranged to get Tetanus shots and inoculations for Hepatitis A & B while we are there in Lancaster.

Wednesday we’ll head for Gulfport, Mississippi where we will coordinate the relief efforts in that area on behalf of MDS and work with the Gulfhaven Mennonite Church. MDS has asked us for a commitment of 6 weeks to “see how things work out”. That’s MDS speak for “6 weeks and maybe as long as you are willing to stay”. Given the popularity of, (and competition for) January through March for MDS volunteers, (many of the farmers have free time then) there will likely be other project directors available for that time period, so we may be home in time for the deeper snow. :O( We really don’t know for sure.

Thanks for the support that we have felt from you already, and for your prayers as we serve.