In the little village of Taftsville, Vermont,  anyone out and about early on EASTER MORNING may notice a small cluster of pilgrims silently carrying a large wooden cross up the hillside behind the Chapel.   They may even hear strains of familiar Easter hymns echoing through the valley.

Each Easter morning for nearly 30 years, we have gathered at the Chapel for our sunrise service, or Resurrection Walk. We take turns, usually two at a time, shouldering the heavy cross as we make our way up the road. We stop from time to time to join our voices in song,  to meditate on the scripture story,  and to share the burden of bearing the cross.   It is a quiet and solemn journey, reflecting on our Lord’s burden on our behalf.

As we read of Jesus sealed in the tomb, we reach the end of our walk, and pause. Then, we read of the women on Sunday morning who found the tomb empty, and we turn around to the sunshine.  The  glorious valley opens out before us in the fresh morning light and we joyfully proclaim  “Lift Your Glad Voices!”   He has risen indeed, and we shall not die!  It is a joyful journey back down the hillside,  to enjoy a hearty breakfast and fellowship together, and gather for our regular worship service at 9:30 a.m.

This Easter morning, April 24, we will be leaving the Chapel at 7:00 a.m.  for our traditional Resurrection Walk.   We hope all who are able will join us for this special time together.