Much has happened since our last post. We learned this week that the Tucson police had arrested a person in the utility truck – but not without a chase – and a tree. That explained the flat tires, bent rims and damaged front end. It also explained why some of our tools were recovered. We have been given a new truck that is much newer, bigger and more comfortable for my back than our first one. CHRPA is talking with Southwest Gas about getting another hand-me-down truck donated, but in the meantime they are minus one truck in the midst of their busiest season, i.e. with the most volunteers needing trucks.

We have spent a lot of time – and money :O( – replacing many of my stolen tools and have our truck relatively well equipped again. From time to time I remember yet another tool that I have lost. I had brought a carpenter’s tool belt along, just in case we had a carpentry job in between all our electrical jobs. In the apron was a very old brass plumb bob (some may not know what that is) that belonged to my father. Clearly that was a tool that could never be replaced. When we sorted through all the tools that were recovered I found my carpenter’s apron, and in the pouch was the plumb bob! :O)

In 1987 I was working my first major MDS project in Maine and it seemed like just about everything that could go wrong did. I was getting very discouraged. A veteran MDS leader came up from Pennsylvania to help me and said something that I never forgot. He said “Whenever we are involved in any project and the adversary isn’t out there furiously trying to subvert our efforts, we have to wonder whether Jesus is in it or not.” It’s difficult to find that reassuring when we are in the midst of trials, but nevertheless the past weeks have affirmed for us that this is indeed God’s service.

In our first post I said that the theft of our truck and the loss of my tools felt like the adversary had won a skirmish. Now, a family is taking hot showers for the first time since they’ve lived in their home. Their roof doesn’t leak, their plumbing works, the lights work, they are warm and they have a refrigerator and a kitchen range. All things that most of us take for granted. The mother was so excited about her new range that she wanted to roast their first Thanksgiving turkey. She wanted Eli to explain to her how to do it. All that feels like a huge victory to us. :O)