On Sunday, November 9, we gathered to tell our story.

The Transition Team asked Randy and me to lead us in developing a congregational timeline, which we did over the course of two Sundays.  This activity involved lots of stories, laughter, sticky-notes and jogged memories.  The summation report is available in pdf format :  TCMF Timeline Report.  If you’d like to hear the stories and watch the interactions, Bob created a video which is available in the church library.  Thank you Bob!  What a wonderful congregation we have.  Blessings to you all, Carie

Screen Shot small groups

We met in small groups to share our personal stories

Screen shot getting started

Randy records everything!

Screen Shot early years closeup

Just getting started

Screen Shot group in process

Many good memories are shared

timelie 1

Completed Timeline 1960’s

timeline 2

Completed Timeline 1970s

timeline 3

Completed Timelie 1980s

timeline 4

Completed Timeline 1990s

Completed Timeline 2000-1010

Completed Timeline 2000-1010

Completed Timeline 2010-2015

Completed Timeline 2010-2015